A little about our culture. Meet Chance.

As you know, we are different from other dental offices because we provide comfort dentistry. What many of you do not know is that our office culture really is about Chance, our therapy dog.

He sets the day with his happy and warm welcome to all who enters our clinic. Chance does not only make our office inviting he also makes it less serious. A comforting experience to our anxious patients. He breaks down levels of anxiety for patients with high anxiety level. For some offices a prescription medication helps their patients relax but we have Chance. We are very proud to have him help our patients through their treatments

This is Chance. We enjoy and love him because he is gentle, loveable, and warm spirited.

He represents our core value of strong compassion with patients and animals. 

Chance is representation started off several years ago when Dr. Gilbert brought his first dog, Chase, to his office. He did not want to leave him alone at home. Next thing he knew patients started asking for Chase. Patients looked forward to seeing Chase more than having their treatment completed. When Chase passed, patients encouraged Dr. Gilbert to get a new puppy. Chaz took over the position and when he passed Chance came along.

As like any other dog, Chance is quite a character although his sensitivity is a new discovery for us.

To show our spirit for St. Patrick's day, our lead assistant Karla dressed him up with big green bow and headband. Chance was not very happy about it. Since he cannot speak for himself he gave Karla a "puppy face" look. He hid under the desk all day and he never came out.

Chance is our culture and representation of how different we are from other dental offices. It is our service to provide comfort and assurance to patients.

Bill Gilbert

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