A little tribute to our very first office intern

We would like to introduce Michael Gilbert. He is the eldest son of Dr. Gilbert. This past summer he was in town and was very excited to volunteer his time for one week at our office.

Obviously, our patients have known Michael since he was a baby but time goes  by speedy fast. Here he is now as a young bright lad.

He came in on Monday morning looking like his father dressed him. Well, he looked like he takes after his father’s style. He came in very professional with slacks and a button down shirt. He came in readyto work and be a sponge for a whole week. He had no knowledge of his duties as front man but he was ready to take it with all smiles and excitement. It should be simple right? Be friendly with a big smile. For an inexperienced person this time would have been nerve-wracking; not for Michael. He worked smoothly throughout the course of the week. 

His first task was to answer the phone. He was told to make sure to mention the business’ name and be professional. Sure. Simple. Done with a smile. As soon as he finished his first task he wanted to do more. Since he is very computer savvy he learned to navigate our program very quickly. At the end of the day he knew how to move patients around the schedule and could schedule patients for their next appointments. 

As days passed during the week his attire changed to more of Michael’s style; casual and cool. By Friday, he was wearing his casual sportswear. His reason was all his clothes were dirty and he had nothing else to wear. Honest-just like his father. 

The week ended with a smile , same as it was when the week started. It was a pleasure to have Michael assist us for a short time. Just like any parents Dr. Gilbert was a bit worried how Michael would perform but obviously, there was nothing to worry 

As mentioned before we have long time patients who have known Michael since he was a baby. It was nice to watch him visit with patients and while they enjoyed his outgoing personality. 

We are very fortunate to have patients that have been coming to our office for a long time. We certainly appreciate the loyalty. We are proud to say that we have third generation families coming to our practice. And for us they are family.  

As for Michael, he learned the rewards and challenges of working in a dental office. 

Bill Gilbert

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